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What do you think of President Obama’s tax cut deal?

On the surface, it looks like it addresses several concerns for each taxpayer segment, from the unemployed to taxpayers to businesses. Hopefully it will provide the additional stimulus needed to ward off recession and fuel growth. It’s appeal varies depending on whether you share Democratic or Republican ideologies. Two things stick out to us: #1 [...]

What are you doing this holiday season?

As business owners we struggle to increase sales, reduce costs, retain good employees, etc. This has been especially challenging in 2010 and looks to be only marginally more productive in 2011. At year end (typically the holiday season) is when employees generally get some feedback on their performance or are recognized for their contributions throughout [...]

Are you ready for a fresh look at your business?

It happens to all of us, we get busy surviving the challenges of the day. The problem is that this happens routinely and eventually we get stuck doing things a certain way. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but are we doing things as efficiently and effectively as we could be? Left un-vetted, ad-hoc [...]

Are You On Top Of Your Competitors?

Here is a list of questions that every business manager should be able to answer with an unqualified yes. They relate largely to the fundamental need of identifying and understanding your competition, and if you find yourself giving a no answer to any of them it means you could be short of valuable information that [...]