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What are you doing this holiday season?

As business owners we struggle to increase sales, reduce costs, retain good employees, etc. This has been especially challenging in 2010 and looks to be only marginally more productive in 2011.

At year end (typically the holiday season) is when employees generally get some feedback on their performance or are recognized for their contributions throughout the year. How do you recognize your valuable employees, strengthen team comradery, keep everyone motivated for the upcoming challenges and still balance the other important priorities?

-Are you planning a company holiday party?
-Will there be any employee bonuses?
-Will there be any cost of living increases?
-Do you perform annual performance reviews?

Not all recognition needs to be monetary. According to Abraham Maslow (you’ve probably heard of his heirarchy of needs) – After we have achieved saftey, clothing, food, housing, and social interaction; we are most motivated by praise, awards, decorations, and gifts, along with desire to work/act as we please according to our talents and interests. We all want to feel like we contribute to the success of the business – we are part of something bigger!

Creativity is key. You can find ways to praise, recognize, and motivate your team!

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  • December 4, 2010 at 9:26 pm

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      Thank you.

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