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What do you think of President Obama’s tax cut deal?

On the surface, it looks like it addresses several concerns for each taxpayer segment, from the unemployed to taxpayers to businesses. Hopefully it will provide the additional stimulus needed to ward off recession and fuel growth. It’s appeal varies depending on whether you share Democratic or Republican ideologies.

Two things stick out to us:

#1 – By maintaining the Bush era tax-cuts, it should eliminate the uneasiness created by “fear of the unknown”. Consumers and business owners did not know if their tax liabilities where going to go up in 2011; and this resulted in causing most of us to “hunker down” and wait to see what happens next. Hopefully this fear is eliminated and we can get back to business – banks loaning $, businesses investing in capital, and unemployment dropping.

#2 – The balooning National debt. This deal adds between $700 – $900 billion to the deficit. How soon before the debt is too large to manage? Are we prepared to pass this burden to our children in order to let them figure it out?

It’s never easy! We need strong leadership to make the tough decisions that have to be made. We need to work together to save our future! The world is watching!!

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